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If you've followed the advice on Page 1, you'll be taken to this page:


I recommend that you click: “Skip this step” down at the bottom right-hand corner. It's better to set up a great profile first and then start adding friends a little later on. After clicking: “Skip this step”, next you'll see:


It's up to you if you'd like to fill in the high school and university fields. If you're not sure, then leave it out. The benefits of filling them in is that it makes it easier for old friends to find you. This may not always be a good thing as you might prefer to keep this profile for business only. If you have an old university friend you used to enjoy drinking with in your university days, then you probably don't want them writing messages on your profile about that. It wouldn't look too professional and it might be sending the wrong message about who you are and what your business is like.

I would certainly recommend listing your business in the “Employer” field. Even if you're the business owner/boss. Write the name out in full and with capitals (if appropriate) and avoid acronyms. For example “Wedding Receptions Sydney” NOT “WRS”.

After clicking “Save & Continue” you'll see this screen:


 I strongly recommend uploading a photo IF you have a professional photo that sends the right message about you and your business. A friendly head shot that conveys trust and warmth would be perfect. If you have to chose between that photo of you on holiday in Bali or no photo at all, stick with no photo for now. One of the golden rules of using websites like Facebook is 'if in doubt, leave it out'.

You can always add things to your profile later on, but once you've put it out there and it's in cyberspace, then you must accept that it's there forever. Even if you take it down later, someone (your competition) could have saved a copy and can distribute it later to embarrass you. That may sound extreme, but with the internet, a teaspoon of prevention is better than a pound of the cure.

When you're done click: “Skip” if you have no photos to add or “Save & Continue” after you've loaded some photos.

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