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If you've followed all the steps from Pages 1 and 2, then you'll see this a screen like this come up:


The steps we're interested in here are steps 3 and 6. Don't worry if your screen doesn't look exactly like this one. You'll still have the options to “Fill out your profile information” and “Control what information you share”.

So next, click on the button you can see above in step 3 called: “Edit Profile” with a picture of a small pencil in front of it. On Facebook, the small pencil logo means that you can change the information you see there just by clicking on it.


Here it's up to you to judge what's appropriate for your business as well as what you're comfortable with revealing about yourself. Age and whether you're “interested in” men or women can be sensitive issues for some. So I'll take this opportunity to remind you, this isn't a personal profile for the purposes of your social life, this is a personal profile for the purposes of your business. So you might prefer to put “networking” as what you're interested in.

You'll also want to leave the political and religious views blank. Of course, if you're Hindu and you specialise in Hindu weddings, then you'll want to list it but if there isn't a good direct reason to mention it, then I'd leave it blank.

The “Bio” field is a great place to discuss a bit about your background and how you got into your current business. Keep it short and sweet and make sure it shows you're passionate, fun and energetic about what you do. Again, this will vary depending on your line of work. Fun, energetic and passionate works well for weddings but might not work well for funeral directors.

“Favorite quotations” is a great place to add a few pearls of wisdom that convey your attitude in both business and life. If you're stuck for information, do a Google search on your industry with the word: “quotes”. For example: “Wedding quotes” or “Fishing quotes”. You'll find some funny, insightful, inspirational and intelligent quotes that people will enjoy reading when they read your profile.


You'll notice on the left-hand-side of the page the different sections above. I recommend you go through them and fill them out at your leisure. Everyone will have different information to put down here, so the only advice I can give you is to always ask yourself these basic questions when filling these things out: “Will it reflect well on me and my business?”, “Do I want the world to know about this?” “How would I feel if my top customer saw all this information, would I regret putting it out there if they did?”

It can be a fine line between expressing your true personality and alienating a section of your market. For example, you may be a devout Christian who plans weddings but your religious views may deter Muslims or Buddhists from engaging your services. It can be a tough call. What I'll say is, you can be whoever you are but you don't have to put it up on your profile. Express your personality and decide for yourself where you'll draw the line, just have that radar on when you're filling in your profile.

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