Your Secret Facebook Advertising Weapon – Are You Ready To Annihilate The Competition?

Would you like to know the secret formula that will give your wedding make-up and hair business MONUMENTAL results that'll fuel your rise to the top?  Read on...

wedding_hairFacebook is about to shake the advertising industry to it's core!  You'll never think about advertising the same way again! How would you like to advertise only to women who are interested in hair and make up services for their up and coming wedding? I know it sounds too good to be true but it's possible and I'm about to show you how. You can target your market by age, gender, location and even by whether or not they're currently engaged!  You're about to learn how to create EXPLOSIVE sales results but you'll also get AMAZING market research feedback. 

Read on and I'll show you how...

  • Create ads that only appear to engaged women near you!

  • With 400 million users on facebook, your customers are there and waiting for you!

  • Facebook advertising is cheap and not competitive – get in before your competition does.

  • Facebook ads let you use images to create powerful branding and TREMENDOUS sales.

Click here now to book your free appointment with one of our facebook ad consultants and we'll show you what facebook ads can do for your business!

Can't I just rely on Google advertising (Adwords) for everything?

fb_sample_wedding_hairGoogle Adwords are truly fantastic but they only let you target specific keywords.  If you're in the business of taking care of hair and make-up needs for weddings in Sydney, you can bid for costly and competitive keywords like: “Wedding Hair” or “Wedding make-up Sydney”.

But how do you know if your ad is showing to engaged women and not to men in Madagascar? 

What if you want to advertise to young and engaged women only and nobody else? 

How can you do that with Google? 

We love Google, but unfortunately, it simply can't do any of these things.  So with Google you end up paying for a lot of impressions and clicks that will cost you money without bringing you and new sales or customers whatsoever.

Is that what you're looking for?  An expensive way to run around in circles without creating sales?
I didn't think so.

So now let's see what would happen if you wanted to advertise wedding hair and make-up services on facebook.

We can help you so that your ad shows only to the age range you prefer, in your areas of service, only to women and – make sure you're sitting down for this one – only to women who are ENGAGED!!!  Can you imagine what this kind of advertising could do for your bottom line?

Forget about expensive, old-world ways of advertising that take months to create that deliver (at best) vague and unsatisfying results.

Click here now to book your free appointment with one of our facebook ad consultants and we'll show you what facebook ads can do for your business!

Convinced but want to discover some more facebook advertising advantages you can have over your competition?


Facebook will also give you feedback on exactly who is clicking on your ads and what these people have in common. So, in the above example, it might let you know that the engaged women clicking on your ads all list: “Grease” or “GI Jane” as one of their favourite movies – which allows you to quickly and easily write different ads to target the different niches within your field.

Facebook is constantly collecting this data for you and over time you can build up accurate, reliable and dependable profiles of the market you're in!

Still want one more gold nugget, well, we've got one for you:

Facebook also lets you use photos to create a  powerful emotional response. Unlike Google Adwords, you can use a picture to show case brand your business and to connect meaningfully with your audience.  Imagine an image of the perfect wedding hair showing to engaged women who live around the corner from you.  The results would be ASTONISHING as you sit back and watch your sales, and bottom line SKY-ROCKET!

Click here now to book your free appointment with one of our facebook ad consultants and we'll show you what facebook ads can do for your business!

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