How To Destroy The Competition And Double Your Sales With Facebook Ad Secrets!

The Next Frontier in advertising is here – Facebook ads will make your business stand out as the top dog in the wedding stationary and invitation field. 

wedding_invitations_top_of_pageFacebook is revolutionising the way businesses advertise.  How would you like to advertise only to people who are interested in wedding invitations and stationary? Target your ideal customer by their age, gender, location and even their relationship status (engaged)!  You'll be able to create EXPLOSIVE sales results as well as securing PHENOMENAL market research feedback for a fraction of your current advertising costs.  Read on and I'll tell you how.

  • Target your market so that your ads appear only to engaged women in your area!
  • There are 400 million people on facebook, don't you think your customers are already there?
  • Use pictures of invitations to create branding, make connections with your market & drive sales.

Click here now to book your free appointment with one of our facebook ad consultants and we'll show you what facebook ads can do for your business!

What's wrong with only using Google advertising (Adwords)?

wedding_invitations_fb_ad_sampleGoogle Adwords are truly wonderful but they only let you target specific keywords.  For example, if you provide wedding invitations and stationary services in Sydney, you can bid for competitive and expensive keywords like: “Wedding Invitations” or “Wedding Stationary Sydney”.

But how do you know if your ad is showing to engaged women in Sydney or to schoolchildren in Chile?  

What if you want to advertise to engaged couples from generation Y only?  

How can you do that with Google? 

Despite Google being as wonderful as it is, it simply can't do these things.  So you end up wasting money for a lot of impressions and clicks without getting an increase in sales whatsoever.  Sound like fun?  I didn't think so.

Now, let's see what would happen if you wanted to advertise wedding invitations and stationary on facebook. 

We can help you so that your ad shows only to the age range you're keen on targeting, within a set distance of your area, only to women and – here's the really exciting news – only to engaged women!!!  Can you imagine the PROFOUND impact that would have on your bottom line?  This way your ads are only showing to the customers you're the most interested in doing business with.

Can you imagine what this could do for your business?  Forget about expensive, old-world ways of advertising that take months to create and only give you vague and meaningless results.  Facebook advertising can be created in seconds, put into action instantly and will start giving you results and feedback immediately.  This allows you to adapt and tweak your campaign in real time to respond to the needs of your markets without delay.

Click here now to book your free appointment with one of our facebook ad consultants and we'll show you what facebook ads can do for your business!

Want to know what other secret weapons we have tucked up our sleeve for you?

wedding_invitations_bottom_of_pageFacebook will also give you feedback on who is clicking on your ads and what they all have in common. So, in the above example, it might let you know that the young engaged women clicking on your ads all list: “The Wedding Planner” as one of their favourite movies. This will help you not just to better target your ads, but to get to know your market much better as you get inside their hearts and minds and hone your services, marketing and business to suit their needs so that over time, you leave your competition further and further behind!

I still have one more gold nugget you need to know if you want to generate massive sales results.

Facebook also lets you use photos to create an emotional response. Unlike Google Adwords, you can use a picture to show case your business and to make a meaningful and emotional connection with your audience. The power of images is famous and once you have the right photos to show to your ideal customers, you can sit back and watch your advertising results blow the competition out of the water!

Click here now to book your free appointment with one of our facebook ad consultants and we'll show you what facebook ads can do for your business!

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