Facebook Ads Will Create OUTRAGEOUS Results For You!

Are you interested in targeting your customers like a laser, doubling your sales and working some MAGIC into you bottom-line?  Read on...

wedding_photographer_top_of_pageDo your customer's usually have a facebook account?  Do you advertise on facebook?  Can you see the problem yet? How would you like to advertise only to people who are interested in hiring wedding photographers? Target your ideal customer by their age, gender and marital status like never before!  In fact, it'll make your old methods look stone-age by comparison. You'll create EXPLOSIVE sales results and generate AMAZING market research feedback.  Read on...

  • Your Ads will only appear to your target market – engaged couples near you!

  • 400 million people who spend an average of 55 minutes a DAY on facebook - including your customers!

  • You can use photos on facebook to create powerful branding and create AWESOME sales results.

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Can't I just rely on Google advertising (Adwords)?

wedding_photographer_facebook_ad_sampleGoogle Adwords are wonderful but they can only target specific keywords.  For example, if your market is engaged women in Sydney, you can bid for expensive and competitive keywords like: “Wedding” or “Wedding Photographers Sydney”.  

But how do you know if your ad is showing to engaged women?  

How can you make it so that only young and engaged women see it?  

How do you do that with Google?  

The fact is – you can't.  So you end up forking out for a lot of clicks and impressions that will drain your advertising budget and bring you absolutely no sales.

Let's see what would happen if you wanted to advertise wedding photography on facebook. 

We can help you so that your ad shows only to the age range you prefer, within a certain distance of your area, only to women and – here's the really exciting thing – only to women who are engaged!!!  Can you imagine the impact that would have on your bottom line?  You'll blast away the competition before they even know what hit them!

Can you imagine what this could do for your business?  This isn't something you can do with TV or newspapers or in expensive magazine campaigns that take weeks and months to create and years to perfect.  This can be done in seconds and honed with UNBELIEVEABLE accuracy for a slight fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Here's another gem we've got in store for you...

wedding_photography_bottom_of_pageFacebook gives you feedback on who is clicking your ads and what they have in common. So it might let you know that the women clicking on your ads all list: “Pride and Prejudice” as one of their favourite movies. This will help you not just to better target your ads, but to get to know your market much better and to create a living breathing profile of your ideal customer!

Here's one more gold nugget you won't want your competition to know...

But that's not all!  Facebook lets you use photos to create an emotional response. Unlike Google Adwords, you can use a picture to brand your business and to build rapport with your audience. The power of images is staggering and once you have the right photos, you can see your advertising results SKY-ROCKET!

Click here to make an online booking for a Facebook Consultation from one of our advertising experts.

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