Facebook Ads Will Give You Magical Results!

Facebook Advertising lets you target your market like a laser so that you can reach your customers cheaply and quickly and create MASSIVE sales results whilst capturing new customers.

Facebook is creating an advertising REVOLUTION!

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How would you like to advertise only to people who are interested in buying your products and services? 

Target your ideal customer by their age, gender, location, interests, relationship status (single, married, etc.), education, workplace or by any combination of these factors and more! 

Not only will you be able to create EXPLOSIVE sales results but you'll also get AMAZING market research feedback.

How would you like to...

  • Have your ads only appear to your target market!
  • Reach up to 400 million people who spend an average of 55 minutes a DAY on facebook!
  • Psychologically target your market by their favourite movies, music and interests.
  • Facebook advertising is cheaper and less competitive than Google Adwords. Use photos on facebook (unlike Google) to create powerful branding and increase sales.

  • But how do you know if your ad is showing to engaged women?
  • What if you want to advertise to young weddings only?
  • How can you do that with Google?

The fact is – you can't. So you end up paying for a lot of impressions and clicks that will cost you money and bring you absolutely no sales.

Google Adwords are fantastic but they only let you target specific keywords. For example, if you're a wedding photographer in Sydney, you can buy keywords like: “Wedding Photographer” as well as your area.

Call us now on 0437 578 897 to set up a campaign to capture new customers, boost sales and work some magic into your bottom line, or send us an email at...  info@adsforfacebook.com


Let's say you are a provider of wedding services, such as a reception centre, wedding caterers, photographers, etc. We can ensure that your ad shows only to the age range you prefer, within 10 miles of your postcode, only to women and – here's the really exciting thing – only to women who are engaged!!!

Can you imagine the impact that would have on your bottom line?

Imagine what these could do for your business? Forget about expensive, old-world ways of advertising that take months to create and you'll never know if they worked to begin with.
Facebook will also give you feedback on who is clicking on your ads and what they have in common. So, in the above example, it might let you know that the women clicking on your ads all list: “The Wedding Planner” as one of their favourite movies. This will help you not just to better target your ads, but to get to know your market much better!

business-telephoneFacebook also lets you use photos to create an emotional response. Unlike Google Adwords, you can use a picture to show brand your business and to identify with your audience. The power of images is staggering and once you have the right photos, you can see your advertising results SKY-ROCKET!

To learn more about how Facebook advertising can get you SENSATIONAL results and work some magic into your bottom line, send us an email NOW on info@adsforfacebook.com or... 

Call us on Tel: 0437 578 897 and talk to us today!

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